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Given that your child's education is arguably the most important thing in their lives, getting them to school on time is important. Unfortunately, the demands of modern society make it difficult to bring your children to school and subsequently to work on time. This is where we may be of assistance.

We provide a dependable service where we will drive your kids to school in a cab, making sure they arrive on time and don't miss any important classes. Your children will be absolutely safe when being driven by any of the drivers we use for this service since they have all completed a rigorous background check before to employment.

Minicabs Services

At the heart of our service is a steadfast commitment to safety. For this reason, we have taken great care in providing our drivers with top-notch road safety training. Ensuring your children reach school punctually is essential, but we adamantly prohibit any reckless or illegal driving practices. Moreover, our drivers boast extensive experience in handling children with utmost responsibility, adeptly addressing any potential concerns that may arise. They will diligently accompany the children into school, ensuring a secure transition into their classrooms

We can pick up your kids from school and drive them back home securely, so we're not only accessible to drive them to school. You don't have to worry if your child has an after-school club or other activity because pick-up hours may be flexible; just let us know and we'll take care of the rest.

Using this service is not as pricey as you may anticipate in terms of cost. The cost will vary according to how far the school is from your house and how many trips we need to make each week. We are able to set up an account for you so that you won't have to pay the driver at the end of each trip.

Call 020 3943 0409 or Book Online if you'd like to schedule a taxi to take you to or from school, or if you just have questions about this service. Our software, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, allows you to book taxis.

Our other services include removals, airport transfers and hotel transfers. If you would like to find out more about them, please contact us today.

Our Fleet in London

Our fleet contains 150% modern Minicabs

Wheelchair Cars in London

Wheelchair Car

      • Passengers: 4
      • Wheelchair: 1

MPV Cars in London


      • Passengers: 6
      • Luggage: 1
      • Hand Luggage: 1

Saloon Cars in London

Saloon Car

      • Passengers: 4
      • Luggage: 2
      • Hand Luggage: 2

Estate Cars in London

Estate Car

      • Passengers: 4
      • Luggage: 3
      • Hand Luggage: 2

8 Seat Minibuses in London

8 Seat Minibuses

      • Passengers: 8
      • Luggage: 8
      • Hand Luggage: 8

VIP Cars in London


      • Passengers: 4
      • Luggage: 2
      • Hand Luggage: 2