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Terms and Conditions

1- Your use of London Minicabs services

1.2 You agree:
1.2.1 All information that you have provided to us prior to, during, or after using our service is all correct. This is and is not limited to online booking, email, official app or telephone bookings. If you have registered online or on our official in London Minicabs app, then this information can be updated at any time or corrected.
1.2.2 Your use of London Minicabs services grants no intellectual rights.
1.2.3 You will not use any of London Minicabs services for any other purpose other than for the purpose they are provided to you or for any unlawful purpose; in any way that damages or makes our service less effective; to access or attempt to access the data of other users.
1.2.4 To refrain from doing anything which we reasonably believe to be disreputable or capable of damaging our reputation.
1.2.7 To make payment in full for any minicab journey you take or book on behalf of another party and/or in respect of using any London Minicabs provided to you.
1.2.8 To treat all London Minicabs drivers with respect as they are obliged to treat you and not cause damage to their vehicle nor engage in any unlawful, threatening or abusive behaviour. Any damage caused will result in the relevant charges to cover the damage.

2- Charges and Payment

2.1 To check the cost of a minicab journey Click here
2.2 If you chose to pay for a minicab journey via card, then a preauthorization request will be put on your debit or credit card. Upon completing the journey, the relevant fare will be charged. You agree that we may undertake the relevant authorization checks on any payment details you have provided us. You have the option to link your account or not. Payment details will only be stored to allow you to make your payment via card when you use our services and/or to collect any money you may owe us.
2.3 If a minicab journey has been cancelled before the driver has been dispatched, then there will be no charge.
2.4 Once the journey has been completed or the journey is being carried out, then you will not be able to cancel.
2.5 If a minicab journey has been cancelled after the driver has been dispatched, then there will be a minimum cancellation fee of £5.00.
2.6 Extra Charges & Fees
2.6.1 You will be charged £20 if the vehicle requires cleaning during or after your journey. This may include but is not limited to drinks spillage, vomiting, urine, or any other applicable scenario resulting in the vehicle not being able to provide a safe and pleasant journey to another customer.
2.6.2 You will be charged at cost for any damage to the vehicle caused by you or any property belonging to the driver or London Minicabs This may include but is not limited to breaking of windows, damage of interior or exterior in any shape or manner.
2.7 All prices that have been quoted are based upon the information given at the time.
2.8 Prices are subject to change if:
2.8.1 There is an increase in passengers or luggage, the price will be different due to the vehicle change.
2.8.2 There is a decrease in passengers which may result in a lower price due to vehicle change.
2.8.3 There are any extra drops or diversions which will lead to an extra charge.
2.9 All prices quoted are per vehicle.
2.9.1 In the event you choose PayPal as a payment method, the terms and conditions of PayPal shall apply in addition to these Payment Terms. Any additional fees charged by PayPal are your sole responsibility and you authorise London Minicabs to take payment from your default or selected payment method on PayPal.
2.9.2 In the event you choose card as a payment method, you agree to allow London Minicabs to debit your account for the amount shown for the relevant booking.